What makes a leader a good leader – 5 essential traits that a good leader must possess

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Many business leaders mistakenly believe they need to give orders in order to be successful. However, leadership experts have repeatedly warned against this approach for many reasons. Leaders who are too aloof in the workplace can decrease worker motivation and productivity. A shift in the way workers view employment has made it more important for leaders to interact with employees in a way that encourages loyalty to the company.

Workers can now work remotely with companies from other areas using portable technologies. This has led to:

There are fewer qualified candidates available for open positions on-site.

Workers are leaving their jobs on-site and moving to “greener,” online options.

5 Vital Traits

You’re not the only one asking this question: “What makes a great leader?” Many business leaders don’t have the charisma to attract people with their charisma. Many people start their careers with no idea of how to be “good leaders.” They work hard every day to be the best leaders. They are determined to be an example for employees.

Emotional Balance

What makes a leader a great leader? Your workers won’t benefit from your frustrations or anger outbursts. People will gravitate to leaders who can manage their emotions. People are more likely to follow leaders who can keep their emotions under pressure. Workers respond well to people who can overcome their emotions and come up with a plan for overcoming the problem.

Energetic expression

Natural leaders like Brandon Long Marketing Consultant are known for their enthusiasm and confidence, which allows them to approach any situation with enthusiasm, confidence, and a positive outlook. It is said that energy expression can be infectious. If you approach your employees in an energetic manner, they will respond positively and also likely to mimic your behavior when they interact with customers and work with each other.

Real Empathy

Some business leaders are empathetic. Some business leaders act empathetically by smiling and nodding their heads, but then they reveal that they have no connection with their employees. These leaders are often unable to trust their employees and lose loyalty. Empathy is a skill that requires active listening and imagination. This allows you to better understand your workers’ feelings and perspectives. Empathy shows that you care about your subordinates and is interested in their feelings. Empathy can help you make better decisions for everyone.

Persuasive Honesty

Leaders who lie to others are often caught. They lose trust when that happens. However, honest leaders can also lose trust due to their approach. Persuasive honesty sounds exactly like it does: You are being truthful about a topic but communicating persuasively so others feel more connected to your situation. Instead of blatantly declaring that you are cutting jobs, you can explain how much your employees value their service, then outline your current situation, and then bring up the topic of job cuts.

Work Commitment

A solid work ethic is what makes a leader. Leaders lead by example, which is a true statement. You should not allow your employees to take a vacation unless you are able to. Your employees need to see that you keep your promises and invest as much energy and time into your business.


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