What is Twitter seeding?

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The practice of “seeding” involves carefully disseminating content online via various channels in the hopes that it will “go viral” and spread on its own. The company who created the content can benefit greatly if it is an advertisement cleverly disguised to look like a joke, or any other type of content that is notable.

Twitter’s “trending feature” is ideal for spreading viral content. Trending topics on worldwide twitter trends are visible to everyone, not just your friends. To get your tweets (for the lack of a more appropriate word) seen millions of times, you only need to reach a critical number of users.

What does it take to make a campaign go viral?

Old Spice Guy’s commercials are the most impressive example of a viral advertising campaign that has been spread via Twitter and other social media. They are “required-reading” for anyone who is interested in online marketing. Old Spice created a series of commercials that they filmed in only a few days, and produced excellent examples of the specific brand of left-field, subtle-yet-over-the-top humor that the internet loves to spread around.

These commercials are so popular because they have a lot of phrases that can be cited and instantly become inside jokes. Anyone who has seen the commercials will remember that “I’m riding a horse” or “these *something* are now diamonds.” The videos are shown to anyone who doesn’t understand the joke.

How do you seed virals on Twitter?

Even if your content is viral, you may not receive the attention you deserve if you only post it a few times on Twitter.

By “seeding”, you can dramatically increase your chances of success. You can do this by posting your content to as many social media networks as you can, but there’s a unique way of doing it on Twitter. You can easily pay a marketing company to spread your tweets across a number of accounts. Bloggers will accept as little as $10 per sponsored tweet. You just have to choose the right channels.

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