Schools are compulsory for all children. The state has a duty of good teaching. Unfortunately, too many Brandenburgers don’t have a degree. Brandenburg is a role-model for other federal States.

  1. School Starter Package: All parents should embrace school enrollment with their child, and not think about the cost. Every school applicant receives a subsidy on a satchel (primer, pencil case, gym bag), and other items.
  2. Delicious, healthy regional food: In all day-care centers or schools, we want lunch prepared from regional ingredients. The state pays the extra costs.
  3. Inclusion and no illusions: Children with learning difficulties or young adults can learn at regular schools. It is necessary to have small classes and specialist education teachers. The only way to ensure inclusion is fairness for all students is by teaching them the same lessons.
  4. A comparable education: German parents are unhappy with the educational policy patchwork. This creates injustice. To make things more fair, we have committed to significantly increasing comparability in school education.
  5. Learning with success: We help girls and boys get started in their careers by providing more polytechnics at secondary schools. Brandenburg is committed to ensuring that all students graduate.