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The task of choosing the best SEO agency can be challenging. Search Engine Optimization agencies are plentiful, but can you really trust them to push your Google Rankings up?

Past achievements

Asking about the achievements of an SEO Agency New Zealand firm is always a good idea when looking for one. What Google rankings has the agency achieved for previous clients? How long did the process take? What was the increase in traffic? It usually takes around three months or longer for Google to rank you higher. Traffic should also increase by about half. Ask the agency at this point if it offers subscriptions to maintain your SEO rankings. The company must be able to provide ongoing SEO care, which is why maintaining high rankings in search engine results requires constant attention.

Range of Services

Also, it is important to find an SEO company that provides a wide range of services. On-page SEO services should include website analysis and optimization, link building, traffic and ranking management and internal linking. Off-site SEO should cover keyword research and competitor analysis as well as external link building and off-page promotions. You might want to inquire if your prospective firm requires you to give approval before proceeding. You can tell if they answer ‘yes,’ that they will be honest with you and work together. SEO agencies must perform a wide range of services to improve your ranking.

Suspect Methodologies

Look out for any agencies that offer to improve your rankings using suspect methods like spamming or keyword stuffing. Hidden text is also a concern. The methods are known as “black hat” SEO and could get your website banned. Be on the lookout for automated, mass submissions of search engine results. It’s better to have a manual submission than an automatic one. Be sure to ask an SEO firm about its methods. Any secrecy may indicate that they’re using black hat techniques.


You should remember that high-priced SEO agencies do not guarantee the highest quality. You should choose an SEO agency based upon their customer base, their reputation, as well as their site’s optimization and Google rankings. If you are offered “guaranteed #1 rankings” for an absurdly low price it’s probably not real. Start by collecting several quotes. Make sure they are all backed up with a contract to ensure you get what you paid for. You can also ask about the payment schedule and whether there are any penalties for an early cancellation.


As part of the SEO service, an SEO company that is trustworthy should conduct and offer detailed and precise keyword research. While keyword research is a standard service, beware of any firm that requests you supply the keywords. Although they may want your input, their keywords should reflect the research, analysis and competition scope that was done by them, not what you told them. You are not the SEO expert. They should be. The best SEO agencies will not “guess” at your keywords. They’ll research them thoroughly and make recommendations.

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